Membership for Ongoing Financial Guidance 

At Pure Financial Education we teach you how to manage your own finances. Whether you only need a short seminar, a single consultation, or ongoing financial guidance, we'll guide you toward sound financial decisions and personalized goals. If you're going through a major life change like graduation, starting a business, buying a house, joining financial households, having a baby or going back to school our membership is right for you.



Our membership program offers two hours per month of dedicated time with a Certified Financial Planner. In these monthly check-ins - conducted by phone or email - your dedicated CFP will monitor and update your personal debt management plan, savings targets and personal budget, all generated in the first three months of membership. With a professional financial guide tracking your progress, monitoring your debt levels and clearing the way toward your goals, personalized financial advice is always available when financial opportunities and challenges arise.

The minimum membership term is three months, enough time for your CFP to map out your detailed situation and successfully navigate your major financial decisions as they happen. Whether you're taking on a mortgage, comparing graduate school loans, budgeting for a baby or planning your business budget, our conflict-free advice will guide you toward the right financial tools and products with only your interests at heart.

For business owners, this unique membership opportunity monitors both your personal and business financial lives, keeping a close eye on maintaining good credit and cash flow for both yourself and your business. In monitoring both your business and personal monthly costs and debt levels, a dedicated CFP stands ready with your current information to advise you on the financial opportunities and challenges that arise when you least expect them. 

The Basics:

- The minimum membership is three months, after which it can be canceled at anytime. Your credit or debit card will be charged on the same day each month. If membership is cancelled and then restarted, a new three month minimum is required.

- If unable to check in each month, members may roll over up to two additional hours of dedicated time with their CFP.

- Check-ins may be scheduled during regular business hours, evenings and weekends to accommodate your schedule.

- Additional hours are available for a separate hourly rate.

By providing payment information below, you agree to the terms of the membership.


Contact with any questions or cancellations.