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Pure Financial Education provides seminars in the D.C. area taught by a Certified Financial Planner and practicing Attorney to ensure you receive accurate, tailored information to reach your financial goals.

101 Seminars

Starting Strong: Smart Financial and Legal Decisions You Can Make Today: Our 2-hour seminars explain the critical financial and legal aspects of debt management, saving and investing that impact your life every day. You'll not only learn which strategies are right for you but also how to protect yourself when establishing these accounts. Not sure what's in your student loan agreement and apartment lease? We've got that covered too. Download our 101 Seminar now!

201 Workshops

Debt Management: Does paying off debt feel like running in quicksand? Where do you even start? This 90-minute workshop gives you the opportunity to walk in with a pile of debt accounts and walk out with a clear plan as to how much you owe, at what interest rates, and how to pay them off the fastest. Look for the digital download coming soon!

We also provide private seminars for non profits, professional groups, and businesses. To set up a private seminar contact us here.